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About Me

Jodie Anagnos

I am a registered psychologist on the North Shore, passionate about obtaining meaningful behavioural outcomes for children experiencing emotional difficulty.  As a mother of two children, I can relate to the challenges that parents face, in particular, finding solutions that fit the very specific needs of individual families with different lifestyles.  It is important to me that the strategies and skills introduced during treatment are applied meaningfully to address problem areas in real life settings, such as family or school.


I am passionate about the treatment of anxious children and am currently engaged in research investigations addressing anxious children as a PhD candidate and continue to teach in child development courses at Macquarie University.  My research investigates fear learning styles in anxious children, and how a child’s response to fear, influences their diagnostic status.  In addition, this research addresses how fearful children interact with their mothers, in an effort to identify optimal maternal communication styles that promote resilience and brave behaviours in children, thereby reducing behavioural avoidance and worry thoughts.

Our Team

We work together with other psychologists specialising in children.  All members of our team are experienced clinical or registered psychologists, with a minimum of six years (or substantially more) experience, and use evidence based programmes to support children and families.

Finding a psychologist who is the right fit for your family is important to us and not always easy.  For that reason, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs in more detail.